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Every healthcare provider(s) from small to big must require to have HIPPA compliant digital platform Electronic Medical Records (EMR) from patient registrations to diagnostics, billing, inventory and many other specialized healthcare functionalities for their practices. These types of products are best fit for big and complex hospital systems.

If you are small to mid size healthcare provider, there is absolutely no need to have the burden of expensive initial and long term cost of this types of EMR systems. OpenEMR is opensource and absolutely free, has all the required functionalities that is required for your need.

Explore EMR software features

No Initial Cost
Easy To Use
Easy To Customize
Zero Product Cost
Simple And User Friendly
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Explore EMR software features

  • Calendar
    Calendar feature allows setting up a provider's schedule in the calendar and adding patient appointments based on provider's availability. Users can check the status of an appointment whether it is approved or not.
  • Message center, Flow board
    Quickly send the messages to the patients. Flow board to organize the lists of patients who need to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Patient/Client-
    Patient demographics, patient scheduling, patient portal and new patients can be registered. Also appointments can be scheduled through the use of patient portal. It consists of the basic details of the patients with the department and follow-up providers.
  • Documentation
    Documentation helps to keep the record of the patients. The medical issues and the records of patients are stored and can be used whenever required. All the documents are electro-digital based and are managed properly. Patient visit, medical issues, patients report etc. are some topics covered under documentation.
  • Patients History
    The history of the patient's visit is also stored. Patients note keeps the record of old patients and the new patients. The history is maintained in order to give proper treatment and the past record of the patient’s illness.
  • Fees
    The fees model keeps the record of payments. The user can enter the payment detail which can be either cash or cheque. It depends on the method of payment.
  • Billing
    Billing is helpful to know the total amount of money spent. The billing section mainly focuses on generating claims and printing bills. It especially focuses on medical claim management interface and insurance tracking interface.
  • Users, Facilities, Providers, Practices, files, Patient reminders,
    The details of the provider with the detail of the patient in the particular date is displayed in the system. The provider can check the patients’ appointment date and can set a reminder to both patients and the client of the appointment.

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