About medcominds

medcominds llc was established in 2013 and is a leader in Durable Medical Equipment (DMEs) service provider to our patients in the state of New York.

Why medcominds ?

Company has been serving as a technology partner in many mental health care service providers in the county. Over 74 million children under the age of 18 have been suffering with some sort of mental disorders in the United States which is almost 25% of the total population in the country. At medcominds, everyday we strive to help these patients, parents, and doctors by providing the best technology solutions to mental disorder. Every parents want to provide the best care to their kids in the right time, they are the one who spent the most of time with patients and research have shown that finding a good counselling, making an appointment and most importantly working on the data driven approach with the patients have been a challenge. Parents and counsellors do not have any collaboration tool they can update the daily challenges and see the results. Going to the counsellors once a month is not the best and disconnecting for the entire monthor until next visit alone can't give the best care to the patients. At medcominds, we provide healthcare technology solutions, consulting and staffing to hospitals, clinics, counselling centers, clinical trial centers, and pharmaceutical companies.

medcominds is built to enable your success