RPM software

We provide remote patient monitoring services

We provide state of the art RPM services to our customers and work with doctor’s office to provide the additional services for their patients. This will allow the patients to stay up to date with their treatment progress, any medical alerts, and real time on the spot telehealth services to their doctors as required.

Why medcominds Software ?

We deliver everything practices need to create a successful remote patient monitoring program, without the headaches. Practices can get started quickly with minimal upfront financial commitment or risk.

No Initial Cost
Easy To Use
Easy To Customize
Zero Product Cost
Simple And User Friendly
Can Make It Best For Your Office

The Right Solution For Your Practice

From Independent Practices to Health Systems, our turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution makes it easy to deliver excellent patient care and ensure compliance without missing out on reimbursement.

We provide everything practices need to get going quickly without hassles or headaches. Whether you're looking for a technology partner or a fully-outsourced solution, we've got you covered; we have what it takes to meet the needs of any practice quickly and cost effectively.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring and Engagement Platform
    Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a technology to enable monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area.
  • Client Success Services, Support and Consulting
    Work with our Client Success Team to design your program in a way that guarantees success.
  • Call Center and Delivery Services
    Onboard patients in the clinic or in their home. Leverage our clinical call center to scale quickly.

We are certified

medcominds llc is a certified OpenEMR professional supports company since 2014.